We are your international supplier of liquors and alcoholic beverages

We offer a wide range of high-quality premium products, becoming a leading company in the sector.

Trademark representation

We offer any brand in the international market at the best price thanks to our wide network of suppliers. Our extensive experience allows us to have a mastery of the market to be able to represent a wide range of brands and offer them strategically in the right markets to achieve excellent results.

Liquor and beverage exports

We offer a wide selection of products and formats of top brands, in all categories: brandy, cognac, beer, gin, vodka, rum, cider, tequila, whiskey, wines, sparkling wines, champagne, spirits, etc. Our selection includes a wide variety of premium and super premium products.

Thanks to our extensive network of specialized suppliers and our international logistics, we can send any product that our customers need.

Tax warehouse and customs warehouse

We have our own tax warehouse since 2003, thus guaranteeing the greatest documentary and fiscal rigor in the management and logistics of these products. Our tax deposit allows us to sell to customers in the Iberian Peninsula or the Canary Islands, with their corresponding IIEE included or, to customers from the European Community or third countries, in a suspensive regime are excise duties.

In addition, we also have a customs warehouse recognized by the Customs Authorities, which allows us to store non-community or Community merchandise with export benefits free of taxes or duties.

Specialized in tourism and travel retail

We are suppliers of shops that sell goods free of local and national taxes and fees. These duty-free shops are available at airports and at border checkpoints (Border Shops and Duty-Free Stores).

We also supply duty-free alcoholic products to personnel entitled to diplomatic privileges working in foreign embassies.

Experts in export and “Customs practice”

We control all customs procedures for import and export merchandise. We are experts in customs transit, tariffs, customs documents, and merchandise declarations, streamlining the processing processes. Our experience supports us.

Logistics and storage

We carry out mixed orders in which we group a wide variety of brands and products from the international market. We have our own facilities equipped to store goods that makes us a leading company in the sector.

Professionalism, security and solvency

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