We are your international supplier of premium products

At Igan we offer an extensive range of top brands products, aimed at wholesalers of alcoholic beverages.

We provide our services worldwide, with presence in more than 50 countries.

We can be your partner

Our logistics power today allows us to buy or sell anywhere in the world, our experience with customs, tax warehouses, customs warehouse, makes us a very efficient partner within the spirits sector.

We have representation in the below countries

Family established,
global reach

Igan was founded in 1983 as a family business focussed in the beverage sector. We are still based in Lleida – Spain, but we have now grown into our new facility. Our main vocation is to give the best possible service to our customers and suppliers, creating relationships of mutual trust and collaboration.

Over the years the company has changed course on several occasions, adapting to an increasingly globalized market, which has allowed us to expand our horizons in both purchases and sales.

Where we are today

Igan today is a multi-brands distribution company and exclusive brands representation both for the national territory and for other countries in which we have collaborators.

Today's strategy, tomorrow's success

In Spain we are specialists on the on-trade of the tourism sector, with an ever-growing assortment, betting on always more premium and differentiated products, to meet the most sophisticated and international demands of our clientele. We are always very attentive to new international trends to be able to offer them with agility and competitively to our customers.

Outside our borders, we have an extensive network of client-partners, in Europe, Africa and South America, collaborating closely to supply them with the products that each market needs and building the necessary and differentiated range for their domestic distribution.

S ervice. E fficiency. S eriousness.

C onfidence. E xperience.

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